Almut Möller (European Council of Foreign Relations): Brexit and what it means for Europe

To many continental Europeans it came as a complete surprise when the grand old United Kingdom suddenly became a real-life satire in the aftermath of the EU membership referendum.
But Brexit raises some fundamental questions for the EU as a whole, and the remaining member states have to work 
harder to keep the promise of prosperity,   security, and cohesion of the EU-27.

Statements from the UK: Brexit & Citizenship Education

We asked experts from the UK, about there Opinion on Brexit and Citizenship Education:

Bryony Hoskins, University of Roehampton, UK:

„One of the key aspects that the UK Brexit vote highlighted was the feeling particularly within the less wealthy groups in society that they were suffering unfairly due to austerity measures and had limited say in their lives. The Leave campaign backed by the media identified migrants as the underlying cause for their lack of access to services, changes to their local communities and their limited individual life chances. A vote to leave was said to be a vote to ‘take back control’ from the elite and to stop migration both from within and outside the EU.