A close look at Field Trip 11 - The art of offering umbrellas

As friday got rather rainy towards the afternoon, one of the first things that Jelena and Luka - two friendly and bubbly young Croatians from the World Youth Alliance (WYA) Croatia - offered was to share an umbrella with the participants of NECE. This gesture proved to be quite symbolic, as Reza, Maryam, Brahmi, Ruslan, Magdalena and Lisa – the NECE crowd forming fieldtrip number eleven – would learn throughout the following hours.

Revisiting the Scenario Workshop

One of the highlights from Fridays parallel sessions for sure was the scenario workshop that forced participants to dig deeper into their wishes, visions and fears for the future. By identifying the key drivers that shape the ongoing debate on migration and integration in different EU member states and regions, the scenario exercise outlined current challenges and elaborated consequences for citizenship education in Europe within different possible scenarios from a bright hopeful future to quite bleak outlooks.

Day Two: Reaching out towards each other - and into Zagreb’s hot spots of citizenship education

Not only the crisp and bright blue morning sky over Zagreb softened the mood of the NECE crowd: Once again gathered in the concert hall, to start the day in a communicative way, everyone was asked to teach some spontaneously picked words from their own languages to one another. Regardless of the languages in which the words were exchanged, „love“ was never missing. Other choices were „Peace“,„freedom to kiss“ and „Hello Sunshine“ – which allowed the second day of NECE to start with smiles and wam feelings.

"Social psychological mechanisms on steroids": Mads Vestergaard on post-factual democracy and civil digital education

Of particular relevance after the Trump victory, Mads Vestergaard (Center for Information and Bubble Studies, University of Copenhagen) shared some of his thoughts on the post-factual society we live in. Watch the video below and find out what Mads expects from the NECE conference 2016.

"Changing of social structures": Drago Župarić-Iljić on migration challenges in Croatia

Drago Župarić-Iljić, research associate at the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Zagreb, sheds light on the most profound migration-related challenge in Croatia which he sees in rather emigration than immigration.


Preparations for ethnic diversity? Interview with David Goodhart and Jan Schneider

 Jan Schneider of the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration (SVR) and David Goodhart, editor and journalist as well as keynote speaker to NECE, continue their debate on reasons for and implications evolving from increasing migration movements. 

Additionally, here are some talking points from David Goodhart and Jan Schneider for the Roundtable Discussion on "Strategies for migration management in Europe" to download.


Spotting citizenship education in Croatia

In the course of the 12 years of NECE conferences taking place all over Europe, participants often signalized an interest in getting to know more about the respective host cities or countries. So 2016 means sort of a new beginning for NECE when it comes to a more thorough involvement of local aspects of citizen education in the respective areas.

The opening panel of NECE 2016 in Zagreb allowed insights into the impressive engagement of some of the key figures of citizenship education in Croatia.

Heated discussions and inspiring encounters - This was the first day of NECE 2016 in Zagreb

The first day of the 12th NECE conference taking place at Zagreb’s Lisinski Hall was visibly impacted by the results of the US-elections escorting most participants on their way to Croatia and possibly reinforced the heat of both panel and several offsite discussions.

But let’s begin with the more easy and pleasant parts of the day which started with sunny weather and dozens of openminded and friendly people from all over Europe and beyond getting to know each other or meeting old friends at Lisinski hall, enjoying coffee, soft drinks a wide range of selected sweets and fruits along inspiring talks inbetween program parts.

Three wishes for NECE

When Petra Grüne from the German Federal Agency for Civic Education and Eddy Habben Jansen from ProDemos greeted everyone and asked the participants to reveal their whereabouts by standing up and stating their home country, a widespread virtual map of home destinations unfolded in Lisinsky hall – which usually is a space for concerts and cultural events and thus transporting a slight vibe of theatricality.    

"No systematic approach": Eli Pijaca Plavšić on citizenship education in Croatia

In an interview with Eli Pijaca Plavšić, the executive director of the Forum for Freedom in Education in Zagreb, provided us with her perspective about citizenship education in Croatia.

NECE News: Project Market

In line with Alexander Graham Bells quote "Preperation is the key to success" we provide you with an overview of the projects, that will be presented at the project market at the second day of our conference, so that you may inform yourself beforehand and think of some questions you could ask the contact persons.


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